During the 16-week study, you will perform the following activities:

  • Consume 4 grams of an omega-3 supplement or a placebo (daily)
  • Continue with your normal diet and exercise routines
  • Record food and beverage consumption (daily)
  • Record exercise activities (daily)
  • Visit the KSU Exercise Science Physiology Lab (three times)
    • Visit 1: week 1, day 1 (duration = 3.5 hours)
    • Visit 2: week 8, on or about day 56 (duration = 3 hours)
    • Visit 3: week 16, on or about day 112 (duration = 3 hours)

Adhering to all daily study requirements is critical for successful data collection. Consequently, members of the research team will be in regular contact with you via email, text messaging, or telephone calls, as needed.

A member of the research team will check in with you periodically to see how you’re progressing, answer any questions you may have, confirm upcoming lab appointments, and help you prepare for your visits to the Exercise Science Physiology Lab.

Keeping Us Informed of Your Status

In order for us to use your data in our statistical analyses, it is imperative that you participate continuously for the duration of the study. Consequently, from your first lab visit through your third and final lab visit, we ask that you contact us immediately if you.

  • Realize you’ve forgotten to take your supplements for more than two days
  • Are feeling unwell and miss more than a week of regular exercise
  • Are diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Become injured and are unable to continue exercising
  • Expect to miss or need to reschedule your lab visit
  • Encounter any situation not listed above that would similarly impact your participation
Lab visit Procedures

The procedures for each of the three visits are essentially the same.

A detailed description of the procedures is included in the Informed Consent Agreement and in our one-page visit procedures and timing summary. For ease of reference, these procedures include:

  • Welcome and orientation
  • Collect height, weight, and body composition data
  • Collect resting metabolic rate and heart rate variability data
  • Collect blood and urine samples
  • Perform an exercise test on a treadmill
  • Collect VO2peak and respiratory exchange ratio data (these data are collected during the treadmill procedure)
  • Distribute the supplement or placebo
  • Provide instruction for your upcoming responsibilities
  • Answer questions you may have
KSU Exercise Science Physiology Lab Location
  • The KSU Exercise Science Physiology Lab (ESPL) is located in Prillaman Hall, Room 1102, on the university’s Kennesaw campus
  • Prillaman Hall is located at 520 Parliament Garden Way NW, Kennesaw, 30144
  • Due to construction on campus, use only Frey Road to access Parliament Garden Way
  • When turning onto Parliament Garden Way, parking will be on your immediate right
    • Parking is in the Visitors Lot (outdoor parking)
    • Do not enter the Central Parking Deck (if you miss the entrance to the Visitor’s Lot and ‘do’ enter the Central deck, it is relatively easy to turn left at the end of the first aisle and exit the structure)
  • Click here for a printable version of this information

Questions about what is required of you? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the “CONTACT” button below.